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Europe's Top Summit for Platform & Ecosystem Innovation

TheNTWKSummit24: From Competition to Collaboration in the Digital Era

Summit - May 28 & 29 | Side Events - May 27 & 30 | Barcelona

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Julian Kawohl



Professor of Strategic Management, Author & Founder




In Person


My name is Julian Kawohl and I'm a Professor of Strategic Management at the Berlin University
of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) and co-founder of Ecosystemizer, a knowledge and advisory
platform for business ecosystems. I'm the former Head of Corporate Development at the multinational insurance company AXA in Germany and have assisted various companies in different industries with their ecosystem activities.

In May 2022, I published the management book 'Ecosystemize Your Business', which includes
frameworks, concepts and action guides to approach the topic of Business Ecosystems in an
intuitive way.

In addition to the book, I share my thoughts in a variety of journal and blog articles, as well as
podcasts and speaking engagements. I also serve as a senior advisor to businesses across all

I strongly believe in the ecosystem idea of "the power of many” which is a great thought because it helps to solve problems for businesses concerns and for us as people in cooperation.

That's exactly what ecosystem thinking is all about. All the significant issues of our time, AI, sustainability, or resilience in times of crisis, can only be solved or tackled together with full power. It is fascinating to see how more and more companies are recognizing this fact and transforming themselves into ecosystem companies, or at least integrating their offerings into ecosystems as a first step.

Furthemore, I put the ecosystem idea into practice in my daily work by building a number of
collaborations with research alliances, service companies and my clients to create
human-centric value propositions for the next generation.

I'm a big enthusiast of a human-centric mindset in developing new business models across
organizational boundaries, what I call Ecosystem-to-Human. I developed the idea of
Ecosystem-to-Human (E2H) over years of research and writing the 'Ecosystemize Your Business' book. In short, the traditional thinking of Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to
Business (B2B) needs to be expanded to include a complementary view of strategic thinking to
be successful in the coming ecosystem era.

I'm passionate about showing how you can use this paradigm shift for yourself and draw the
right conclusions for your own offering portfolio and organization using concrete examples and
manageable frameworks.

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