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Europe's Top Summit for Platform & Ecosystem Innovation

TheNTWKSummit24: From Competition to Collaboration in the Digital Era

Summit - May 28 & 29 | Side Events - May 27 & 30 | Barcelona

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Simone Cicero







In Person

Simone is a designer, writer, and entrepreneur, with a focus on open business models, ecosystemic organizations, and platforms: he worked in a variety of contexts such as emergent, self-managed organizations, and startups but also with large institutions, ranging from Fortune 500s to the UN, on exploring new approaches to product and service design and new theories of organizing for the 21st century

Simone’s multi-decade-long work in consulting let him face the challenges of driving innovation in bureaucratic corporate contexts and incumbents, coordinating high-complexity software and hardware design projects, and managing sales pipelines. Over time, he let his curiosity drive his life through writing, building relationships, participating in future-looking conversations, and coordinating all sorts of projects: creating conference programs, building design frameworks from scratch, designing and developing pioneering organizations, and more.

CEO of Boundaryless, in 2013 Simone created the first fully creative commons methodology for Platform and Ecosystems thinking - the Platform Design Toolkit - and contributed to developing the platform design domain. The guides and design frameworks Simone contributed to building power thousands of practitioners all over the world. This and other works allowed him to be featured in the Thinkers50 Radar class of 2020.

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