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Corporate Competitiveness through Ecosystems by Fred Kessler

This Wednesday at #TheNTWKAcademy Fred Kessler told about the importance of ecosystems and how they differ from platforms. NTWKers learned the roles of orchestrator, realizer, and enabler in the relationships with the final customers. We're sharing some of Fred's quotes with you.

  • An ecosystem is a network of partners who combine their assets, capabilities, and effort in a way that the value for the end customers is significantly higher than the value created if they interacted with the partners individually.

  • You need to become a strong, independent company before you can go into interdependence. It means you need to learn how to lead your people and create value propositions to sell.

  • In 2030, everything will be digital and connected. So where's your personal space, what do you bring to the party to give a great experience to anyone? This makes it necessary to change perspective and even change paradigms.

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