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From Early Adopter to Head of Community Experience at TheNTWK

Two years ago, Anna Noakes Schulze become our best early adopter of #TheNTWK, supporting us from the beginning, giving us great feedback, and especially helping to shape the user experience of our community platform and digital touchpoints.

“We are thrilled to have you join us and bring your wealth of experience and expertise to our community. Your dedication to creating human-centered digital experiences is truly admirable, and we are excited to learn from your insights. Your contributions to our community will undoubtedly help us all better understand the power of customer centricity and drive sustainable growth in our digital businesses,” says CEO and Co-Founder Marina Planas.

What Anna loves about TheNTWK is that it combines a fun and friendly community with a serious mission to boost digital business in Europe (and beyond). She says,

“Our members have diverse backgrounds and expertise but all share the same passion for digital business models and innovation. Whether you are a startup, corporate, consultant, academic, or investor, TheNTWK is the place where you can connect with inspiring professionals, grow your expertise, find new business opportunities, and enjoy the support of a community focused on helping members achieve their goals. Enabling and developing all of these member benefits through best possible in-person and online experiences is my overarching goal as Head of Community Experience. I couldn’t be happier to join TheNTWK team!”

Once again, welcome to #TheNTWKTeam, Anna! We look forward to learning from you and continuing to grow together. 💛


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