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💊 Daily Learning: TheNTWKPill “Tips can for stimulating an engaging community”, by Adam Broadway

from TheNTWKTalk “Lessons from Building an Ecosystem"

Do you want to know how to engage your community? Watch what Adam Broadway told to us:

Our CEO & CoFounder, Marina Planas, asked Adam the question about the tips which he can recommend to stimulate community engagement. Adam highlighted the next points:

✅ Consistency in the content.

✅ Frequency. It shows that the community is alive.

✅ Asking the questions providing the value.

💊More hacks you can find in this video. And other #TheNTWKPills about the role of technology in building communities or recurrent mistakes that companies do when implementing an ecosystem you can find in our community.

If you are not yet a #NTWKer, request access 👉 here


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