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💊 Daily Learning: TheNTWKPill “How do you define platform-based business models", by Prasad MK

from #TheNTWKTalk “Scaling through Network Effects”, by Prasad Mk

Do you want to know how to define platform-based business models and why are they so powerful? Watch what Prasad MK told to us:


- In the last five to seven years, the needs of the customers have increased to sky levels: regular customers, as well as business industries or business B2B companies, are looking at an end-to-end holistic service

- The traditional enterprises fall short in meeting those needs: enterprises that are just focusing on

one specific area cannot survive

- In the platform business model there are two key things that makes it more powerful: extremely obsessed with what the customer needs are and their experience; and looking at an ecosystem or partners to come together to produce that aggregated good to the end consumer

- By creating a multiplying effect, the platform business model becomes much more valuable and highly effective

For more on this topic, follow Platform Economy and Business Ecosystems and access the full🎙🎙Recording Session on TheNTWKEvents Node


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