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💊 Daily Learning: TheNTWKPill “What is a platform-based business model”, by Matthias Walter

from #TheNTWKTalk “Platform venture building on B2B”

Do you want to know what is a platform-based business model and why are so powerful? Watch what Matthias Walter told to us:


- Everybody is trying to create their own definition of what is a platform. In the core it's a kind of a multi-sided business; so you bring multiple parties together and supply demand. And so, they can interact, they can co-create, they can exchange the value

- But recently we also said we need to change a bit the definition because we also see out there that platforms can create harm to our society and also to our planet

- We want to use the power of platforms which is inter-coded network effects and bringing people together jointly creating things and having a positive thing for multiple sites

- If we go now into a platform design then we also always have in mind the triple bottom line approach; it's for profit, it's for people, it's for the planet. It needs to have a positive impact

For more on this topic, follow Platform Economy and Business Ecosystems and access the full🎙🎙Recording Session on TheNTWKEvents Node


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