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Highlights and Takeaways "Platforms in the 2020s: pervasivity, policy making and a pandemic"

@Sangeet Chaudary @Simone Cicero hosted by @Stowe Boyd

3rd February 2021

Why are platform businesses so important? Personalization? Policies and Regulation?

@Simone Cicero

- Scaling up companies - business models - ecosystems

- Value is moving from corporate to the ways we interact

- Digital players: B2C marketplaces direct to customers => more connected around customer

- #STANDARIZATION the way we transact

- Personalization, culture, and countries room for transition for digital platforms

- Governments should follow the Technology sector speed, as are impacting in their countries: p.e @Airbnb - Gentrification, @Upwork - the gig economy

@Sangeet Chaudary

- The Internet commoditized the network

- The world is more connected and the cost of transactions is lower

- Digital platforms transform business, they no exist as they born => new value arise

- Business as a stack of value, no as an integrated supply chain => Ecosystem

- #STANDARIZATION AND #COMODITIZATION economic forces with high impact in the digital world

- The importance of the 4 stakeholders, it depends on who controls the platform, will affect the policy and regulation:

  • User: businesses

  • Designer: design rules - India designed driver

  • Investor: financing - US invested driver

  • Government: regulation - China as a Platform

Full webinar here

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Anna Noakes Schulze
Anna Noakes Schulze
Feb 03, 2021

I just saw the webinar as well. An excellent summary of the points, Marina!

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