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How does circularity affect customer experience? by Loic Le Fouest

Explore the world of sustainable business practices with Loïc Le Fouest who dives into the intersection of sustainability and customer experience in your vitamin of knowledge #TheNTWKPills 💊. Loïc explores the concept of "key moments of circularity," shedding light on how businesses can seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into customer journeys. Discover practical insights on making sustainable actions effortless for customers and fostering long-term engagement.

♻️ Want to know more about how to guide in creating a win-win scenario for both customers and businesses in the era of circular economy? Join our insightful course 'How to Build and Scale Circular Platforms' with Loïc Le Fouest (Circular Customer Experience (CX) Expert at Clarasys) and Marta Agrech (CEO of and the Lead of Sustainability at TheNTWK) confidently take advantage of the circular innovation opportunity and play your role in making a tangible difference.


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