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Must See by NTWKers in TheNTWK Newsletter #134: Circular Marketplaces, Minimum Lovable Products

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Join the Circular Platforms Multi-Client Study

Peter C. Evans shared an articleshared about Circular Plastics Marketplaces: "Digital platforms are playing a greater role in enabling circular value creation by facilitating connections, promoting transparency, and enabling efficient transactions. One example can be found in the marketplaces focused on recycling and repurposing of plastic waste. Platforms, such as, SCRAPO, Rebound Plastic Exchange, MikaCycle , Rawtech Trade, EcoEx and cirplus, connect buyers and sellers of recycled plastics, offering pricing information, logistics support, and a marketplace for transactions. These platforms strive to make the buying and selling of recycled plastics more efficient, transparent, and globally accessible, ultimately contributing to the goal of achieving a fully circular plastic economy. The problem of waste plastic is vast. Research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation indicates that only 9% of plastic waste is recycled globally. The remaining 91% is either landfilled, incinerated, or ends up increasingly in the world’s oceans. Circular marketplaces for plastics are not the only solution to the growing problem of plastic waste. The world needs to reduce the use of single-use plastics and increase the use of sustainable alternatives to plastic. However, there is clearly also a role for circular platforms. They can be a force for good by developing new markets that help to increase the demand for recycled plastics and make it more economically viable to recycle plastic waste. In general, circular platforms can serve as a catalysts for the transition towards a circular economy. They can accelerate the shift from a linear "take-make-dispose" model to a more sustainable and regenerative approach, where materials are kept in circulation for as long as possible. To learning more about the role of circular platforms, consider joining the McFadyen Digitalmulti-client study. We will examine in depth the power of platforms in responding the growing pressure that companies are facing to go circular".


Exploring the Thriving World of Second-Hand Marketplaces

Marina Planas shares a captivating podcast episode that delves into the dynamic world of second-hand marketplaces. Joining the conversation is NTWKer and CEO of The Octopus Club, Ana Rachel Estrougo, alongside industry leaders Hugh Hurley, CEO of Gumtree, and Adam Jay, CEO of Vinted Marketplace. Together, they explore the factors driving the surge in second-hand sales and the financial opportunities associated with this trend.

During the podcast, Evan Davis moderates a thought-provoking discussion that touches on several key aspects. The conversation revolves around the motivations behind the booming second-hand market, including the pressing cost of living crisis and the growing eco-consciousness among shoppers. The participants examine the profitability of companies operating in this space.

Listen to the full podcast episode now and expand your knowledge of the evolving world of second-hand sales.


Stop talking, start listening: Connect with your clients

Here's a topic that's been on Anna Noakes Schulze's mind a lot lately. Why is it so hard to find time to listen? For most businesses, listening to customers is essential for knowing if you're on the right track, if you need to do something differently, or if you need to pivot completely. But listening tends to get pushed down the priority list when there is other work to do. Check out this article shared by NTWKer Frederique de Lange at The Value Department:

"How well do you know your clients? How often do you reconsider your understanding of your clients’ changing needs, pain points, and preferences?

In today’s dynamic and client-centric business landscape, understanding your clients crucial for achieving success. By understanding what frustrates and energizes clients, you can leverage these insights to enhance the quality of your products, effectively addressing their needs and solving their problems. Without a deep understanding of clients’ needs, and desires, and how you can genuinely serve them, your products will face an uphill battle. Building on our March blog post about how to Build a Robust Product Proposition and Strategy, in this article, we delve into the importance of understanding and connecting with your clients in a B2B context, exploring practical strategies for strengthening these vital relationships."

Check out the full article shared by NTWKer Frederique de Lange at The Value Department.


Building minimum lovable products, stories from WeWork and Airbnb, and thriving as a PM | Jiaona Zhang

NTWKer Katrin Maikova shared the latest episode of Lenny Rachitsky's podcast:

"I think all of us know about the Minimum Viable Product, but what about the Minimal Loveable Product? One of my favorite ideas from this episode is that to grow your product, you need to find out why people love it and double down on it!"

Jiaona Zhang (JZ) is a product leader with a strong background in consumer products and extensive hiring and management experience. She is currently SVP of Product at Webflow as well as a lecturer at Stanford, where she teaches a graduate-level course on product management. Before Webflow, JZ was Head of Product for the Homes Platform at Airbnb and has also led product teams at Airbnb, WeWork, and Dropbox. In today’s episode, we discuss:

• Building a “minimum lovable product” rather than a minimum viable product

• How to create better roadmaps through storytelling

• Top lessons from Dropbox, Airbnb, WeWork, and Webflow

• The importance of setting ambitious OKRs

• JZ’s first 90 days playbook: how to succeed in a new role

• Advice for early-career PMs


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