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New Report-- Preparing the Next Generation of Platform Leaders

We are excited to make available the first comprehensive study of what companies are looking for with respect to platform talent. We collected and analyzed over 11,080 platform related job postings by 2,700 companies worldwide.

In addition to highlighting key emerging platform professional roles, the report provides cogent recommendations to aspiring platform professionals. It also provides comprehensive recommendations companies, which are divided into near-term actions that can be taken immediately and longer-term actions that can be implemented over a 2-5-year time horizon. The report also provides a comprehensive global survey of platform-specific executive training programs available from universities and specialized training organizations based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

The report references dozens of companies seeking to built their bench of platform talent. Companies referenced in the report include, but are not limited, to ABB, American Express, Benefitfocus, CVS, Deliveroo, Glassdoor, JPMorgan Chase, Lazada, Netflix, Peloton, Refinitiv, Walmart, and Zoom.

PREPARING THE NEXT GENERATION OF PLATFORM LEADERS is a valuable resource for executives seeking to build their platform talent, chief learning officers seeking to align internal learning programs to a company's platform strategy and executive recruiting companies seeking to serve clients seeking to hire platform professionals.

The Report as associated data is available for purchase from the Platform Strategy Institute. Visit us at:


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