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Platform Digest—2021.14

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

A blueprint for building social media giants in Europe:

European startups should find a way to leverage this natural fragmentation. One way to do this is to prioritise networks that allow users to create close, one-to-one connections, i.e. stronger, direct personal relationships) .. Market fragmentation because of linguistic or cultural differences is a reality in Europe — but that does not close down opportunities to create breakout social networks. It merely gives European startups a different set of rules to play by.

💪 It's time to build!—Sameer Singh, Sifted

Business communities will never be real communities:

The problem with business communities is that they aren’t really about belonging. They are mostly about whatever functional outcome the company setting up the community is hoping for .. Community is a means to an end, and two things flow from that truth. We reduce community to an MVP and continuously sacrifice belonging for the sake of this other purpose.

🤔 And business ecosystems will never be real ecosystems?—Daisy Onubogu, Sifted

Deliveroo: is it worth it?

The first relates to the total addressable market. Many people view Deliveroo as the company that brings you a meal prepared in a restaurant nearby. But it’s already apparent that Deliveroo’s business has a broader scope .. The company’s main asset, after all, is the infrastructure it’s been deploying over the years, connecting couriers with supporting technology and collecting data at every turn.

📢 Worth repeating: it's the infrastructure, st*pid—Nicolas Colin, Sifted


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