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Platform Digest 2021.16: From Marketplaces To Individuals

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Firehose #187: A new marketplace wave:

The marketplace can cross over into a very defensible position once the customer is purchasing a meaningful amount of their volume through the platform. I often see a share of wallet tipping point after which churn become negligible (other than a customer going out of business).

🌊 Surf the right marketplace wave — Alex Taussig, Drining from the Firehouse

The power shift from publishers to personalities:

The shift in power from publishers to personalities will manifest across mediums. Incumbent organizations will continue to hemorrhage talent until they properly compensate their top performers, offer long-term incentives for building the publisher’s brand, allow co-ownership of persona-driven properties like newsletters and podcasts, and lift up individuality rather than sterilize it.

🕴️Even more marketplaces for individuals — Josh Constine's PressClub

User needs, redux:

Modern states that put citizens’ needs first will measure themselves not by what they themselves control, but by what they make possible for the people they serve. In many cases a public sector entity will still be best placed to meet user needs. But other times the state will do far better by providing the digital platforms and infrastructure upon which companies, social enterprises, charities and communities can innovate.

🤓 Even more power to the individual through platforms — Chris Yiu, Progress

How to reinvent your organization for the Passion Economy to not only thrive in this economy but help grow it too?—Chief Innovation Officer Summit

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