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Platform Digest 2021.19: Mindset and Apple

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem#innovation and #platform#organisation.

Whoever Generates the Demand Captures the Value

Overtime, as it became easier for founders to start companies — and to prove demand even before building anything — the balance of power shifted in favor of founders. VCs moved to SF, and founders no longer begged for money. Instead, VCs begged founders to let them invest... The courting dynamic inverted. WhatsApp picked Sequoia — not the other way around. VCs were suppliers, and the internet commoditizes suppliers.

👊 When the mindset shifts - Erik Torenberg and his thoughts.

Apple is Holding Back the Creator Economy

This was acceptable in 2008, when the number of mobile apps was small. But now the App Store is not one small outpost for developers and creators to make a living. It is an unavoidable, ubiquitous forum for commerce. This new reality requires Apple to behave less like a product company and more like a platform: a neutral party that allows a wide diversity of products to flourish with minimal interference.

🤔 Would this be the time for Apple to take a step back? - Li's Newsletter

Can Apple change ads the way it changed music and games?

Apple has a tendency to build up strategic assets in discrete blocks and small parts products, and then combine them into one .. [I]t has Apple Pay and ‘Sign in with Apple’ as new building blocks on the web, that might be combined into other things. It seems pretty obvious that Privacy is another of those building blocks, deployed step by step in lots of different places. Privacy has been good business for Apple, and advertising is a bigger business than all of those.

📈 And will the Advertising be the next step for Apple? - Benedict Evans

👷🏻‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️ Our Work

Beating the Innovator’s Dilemma—A presentation shared at the 2021 Virtual Innovation Summit on innovating for the Passion Economy (YouTube).

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