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Platform Digest 2022.11: Society, and Tech

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

TikTok was ‘just a dancing app’. Then the Ukraine war started

In many ways TikTok has been far more responsive to criticism than its predecessors, including social media giants such as Facebook. But while the company is dutifully flagging misinformation and cracking down on Russian state content, reining in disinformation on a mass scale is becoming more complicated than ever as influencers’ power grows... Studies show consumers are substantially more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they follow on social media than a traditional advertisement, and the same goes for information shared online.

🔮 New institutions on the horizon - by Kari Paul | Link

How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird

When you study platforms, whether that’s Windows, other operating systems, platforms that were real platforms versus platforms that weren’t — there’s typically a ratio that comes in, which is 1:20. The creator or the base contributor of the platform, or their commercializer, or whatever you want to call it — if they’re making more than 5% of the revenue in that ecosystem, they’re probably suffocating the ecosystem. It’s interesting, also, if you apply this to app stores.

🤪 People, organisations, and things: power to the ecosystem - by Nilay Patel | Link

Trolls Aren’t Like the Rest of Us

Our attackers are weirdos, and the internet is a weirdo’s paradise. But for some reason, we often have trouble understanding that. Instead, we take attacks seriously and personally. One scholar has proposed that this tendency to internalize trollish insults results from a phenomenon called solipsistic introjection: reading written communication can feel like hearing a voice inside our own head. As such, a troll’s insults can be experienced as a form of self-criticism, which is hard to ignore.

😠 Trolling is nothing new - by Arthur C. Brooks | Link

🎧 Ana Andjelic: Web3 – What Does It Mean for Brands?

It’s more of a strategic direction than just the technology. Most brands right now are thinking in terms of technology. So what they are asking is what is this digital thing, what is this NFT that I can mint, rather than what is Web 3.O and how can I use decentralisation and distributed ownership to connect with my customers, to grow my market, to expand my market share, to launch a new product, and so on. All the business and brand challenges like how do I increase awareness can be very easily and very elegantly solved if you are saying Hey if we know now that there is such thing as a creator economy and how do we employ talent, or inspire and engage talent that exists outside of our companies and use their creativity for our brand.

😍 - by NEXT | Link

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