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Platform Digest 2022.18: Revolutions and Optimism

👋 A round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

How goes the revolution?

To make things worse, you have flipped to an on-demand model in which ad revenue is harder to find – viewers won’t accept the same ad load in on-demand, they skip the ads you do manage to squeeze in, and the rates aren’t as good anyway. And the new world is one in which you seem to need more new content than ever before, in part because you have allowed your gluttonous customers to gorge on your new 10-ep series, and then they are looking for something new about two weeks later.

🙃 When the table turns around - by Mike Darcey

Why pessimism sounds smart

In just the same way, it can seem that we’re running out of ideas—that all our technologies and industries are plateauing. Technologies do run a natural S-curve, just like oil fields. But when some breakthrough insight creates an entirely new field, it opens an entire new orchard of low-hanging fruit to pick. Focusing only on established sectors and proven fields thus naturally leads to pessimism. To be an optimist, you have to believe that at least some current wild-eyed speculation will come true.

🙂 Innovators as optimists - by Jason Crawford


The problem is that even if you have all those suppliers on the platform, you have no demand. Suppliers will not reply to bids when they get them, they're not going to treat you as a priority, and they're going to churn. Therefore, it's very important that you acquire only the highest quality suppliers - just enough so that you can fulfill the demand side. You keep the suppliers engaged and keep them updated on where you are and where it’s going. You do not want to have an infinite supply problem when you curate your earliest supply.

🤔 An approach to the 🐔&🥚 problem - by Leo Luo

🎧 The Power of Platforms

Some of the ways platforms present themselves to the world is all sorts of metrics, and these metrics have an underlying component that is Data, but of course they also involve a set of choices about what is measured, how that is defined, how does one define a view, for example, what does it mean to have an impression, what is a user, what is an active user… I think over time, it’s possible that this will influence the way in which organisations as well as us as individuals think about what good looks like. And that’s one of the reasons that in the short term, actors make choices. But in the long term these choices become structures that begin to influence the choices we will make in the future.

📜 On Platforms, Regulation, and Societies - by The Sunday Show

🎁 One More Thing

I'll participate in Amsterdam pexcon conference, reflecting on a different kind of organisational transformation with community-led Tech Innovation Studios at its heart.

👋, If you're around, why not come by and say hi? 📬 Do drop us a line if you're curious about them Studios.

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