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Platform Digest 2022.20: No Creators Without Tools

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

TikTok Boom

The primary incentive it offers is social expression, and the company’s A&R team is the app itself. Users are never more than a few taps from creating their own content — TikTok streamlines the creation process, with an option to create a video at the center of its UI, simple tools for recording and manipulating those videos, and a huge library of licensed music available for the creator’s use. On YouTube and Netflix, there are creators and consumers. On TikTok, they are the same person.

🧑‍🎨 Creators over Producers & Consumers - by Scott Galloway

The Age of Tokies - The Defiant

In the beginning was the Word.” Phase one of a tokenized story creation: the founding team produces the initial IP, the kernel of a story, a world. The team then starts building the core community around it. A community for a tokie is not just an audience, not a fanbase, but a party to creation, and so, community building should be a casting task, a selection. But in these early days of the tokies, we’ve been seeing less of a selection and more of a hype build-up. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with flipping jpegs and aiming for gains, this motivation doesn’t make for a solid creative community. As the space matures, projects will have to come up with ways to balance the two.

🔮 Creators with real stories - by Sasha Kapustina

🎧 Miss Excel’s Kat Norton: “How I made millions doing TikTok videos - about Microsoft Excel”

For me the things that I have found is, first off the authenticity, doing things that actually feel good for you. For example, a lot of people hate dancing, they go on TikTok and they are like “I have to dance 😩 “, my answer is “You don’t have to dance”. I made a list of the things I loved, and that was like I love helping people, I love Excel, and I love dancing. That’s my top three things!… For me it was a natural marriage of the different topics. People can sense if you are forcing something, so it’s really important to just do things and combine things that are authentic to you. I was like what’s my dream job when I was going through that whole process, what are the things I actually like to do, and I wrote down these three things and I was like good luck finding a job doing dancing with excel and helping people 😂 , and then I created my job out of it.

👩🏻‍💻 Creators who create their jobs - by Danny in the Valley

🧰 For The Toolbox:

A Growth-Focused Intro to Multi-Sided Platform Design

This article is a comprehensive guide on designing multi-sided platforms based on the culmination of my five years as the head of product design and experimentation of I begin by setting a baseline understanding of multi-sided platforms; I then take a deep dive on designing the matchmaking experience; followed by a focus on retention and growth; and last, I end the with one of the most critical yet often overlooked topics, measuring success.

🔨 Without tools there would be no creations - by Julian

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