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Platform Digest 2022.22: An Emergent Culture

👋 A round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Are you Designing for Emergence?

Design for Emergence. It assumes that users have a better idea of what they need, and it empowers them to shape (and reshape) the product based on their needs. In practice, it means that “rather than designing the end result”, planners “design the user’s experience of designing their own end result.” In other words, instead of designing a solution, we should design a set of tools that enable the users to create their own solutions.

🤯 Yes, we are not! - by Dror Poleg

How Harmful is Social Media?

Bail emphasized that he is not a “platform-basher.” He added, “In my book, my main take is, Yes, the platforms play a role, but we are greatly exaggerating what it’s possible for them to do—how much they could change things no matter who’s at the helm at these companies—and we’re profoundly underestimating the human element, the motivation of users.”

🤔 Is it Them or Us, or a Combo? - by Gideon Lewis Kraus

The Current Thing: Part I

So it seems that two things are true: On the one hand, thanks to the great fragmentation enabled by social media and the explosion of information, we have thousands of bespoke realities and reality entrepreneurs seeking to define them. On the other hand, thanks to mimetic desire, social psychology, and social media, the mainstream converges to an intellectual monoculture that becomes more and more shrill in its attempt to fight the reality entrepreneurs away.

🙄 Well, this one is on us - by Erik Torenberg

🎧 For Your Ears: Starling's Anne Boden: "The banks have lost their confidence"

The issue is banks are very risk averse. And especially since the financial crisis, and it’s also a cultural thing about banking organisations where the technologies sit. The technologies don’t necesseraly sit on the board. They sit deeper in the organisation. And if they make a mistake, regulators don’t like it and they are heavily critisised. So you have a situation where it’s safe if you go into a job as a CIO or CTO of a big bank, the last thing you want is a disaster. You get the basic things done for 4 or 5 years and you move on to your next job.

⛔ Culture as a Roadblock - by Danny in the Valley

🎁 One More Thing

Fitting with this week’s theme, we published a presentation on The Nature of Digital Transformation. Which turns out to be emergent, after all… 🤓

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