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Platform Digest 2022.39: Individual-Community Harmony

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

Personal Brands

Platforms make creation possible with tools for creation, connection, manufacturing and fulfillment. They are the coral reefs on which the star ecosystem feeds. Creators live and die by niche creation and fan connection. Pick your lane…Think beyond the tech platforms. A CPG company like P&G is a platform company that funnels the next creator-led brand to wide distribution mainstream. Tesla is a transportation platform.

⭐ Pick your niche and let the stars emerge - in People vs Algorithms

Unauthorized Shein boutiques are popping up across Mexico

“These women are leveraging the digital success of a brand like Shein [coupled with] the mistrust that still surrounds digital transactions in Mexico,” Tania Honorat, a social researcher from Bitácora Social, a research center focused on societies and business, told Rest of World. “This business model bridges the digital gap because it offers access to a popular brand like Shein, which operates fully as an e-commerce company.”

💻 Digitally originated impact - by Daniela Dib

One Final Mission for the Middle Management Brigades

But if you start from the question of how best to build and run modern, digital organisations, you would probably head in another direction altogether. Instead of each new wave of technology innovation being assimilated by and wrapped around the management org chart and the rhythm of non-stop ‘meetings’, we could be building out peer-to-peer platforms and networks to coordinate work, and then asking where management can help, boost or add value.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 It's a Network! - by Lee Bryant

🎧 RIP Long Tail

Have you noticed that today it’s so common to hear about some huge media thing that you had no idea about the second before? And it’s not because you are old, but it’s because the universe of cultures is so vast and diverse that it’s just not possible to keep track of everything. It used to be “oh Im not on TikTok so I dont know TikToki things, and it used to be traditional versus digital media, but now, even on TikTok people are very heavily connected and on TikTok there is an entire universe of media that they never touch, communities that they never see. And so I think that we used to define media into what was longtail and what was mainstream for decades, so there is this big fat mainstream and a long tail of weird niche subcultures, but I think that’s no longer relevant because the distribution has become so varied, and access to media has become so varied, that the long tail is now just one big thick tail all across where everything is mixed together. It’s no longer talking about TV vs Streaming, but we are talking about streaming vs youtube vs twitch vs tiktok, within niches of those there is millions of communities.

💫 On the long-tail transformation - in People vs Algorithms

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