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Platform Digest 2022.40: Let's Make Sense

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of creator platform and cooperation economy.

To Platform, or Not to Platform — That is the Question???

Maybe. Maybe not. What you absolutely must do is diligently evaluate how a core capability could serve external customers… Developing a platform takes effort and professional strategy. Whether you decide to proceed with a platform strategy or not, doing this exercise gives honest and current insights into improving and innovating capabilities. The exercise may also help identify potential areas or competitive threats where your business might be at risk of a new competitive threat.

🤔 What If the answer is Yes to both - by John Rossman

The New Creator Playbook: Jumpstarting Communities Through Tokes

The story of the creator economy over the past few decades and centuries has been one of an unleashing of potential, through greater access, business models, and lower barriers to entry through new technologies. Token incentives represent an exciting new tool for the creator economy, allowing creators to bootstrap supporters, harness new monetization and value capture mechanisms, and co-create with their audiences. Just as the web2 playbook didn’t supplant traditional publishing, the web3 playbook doesn’t completely replace the web2 creator economy playbook. Rather, it opens up new potential roads for creators to take, which will result in a stronger and more vibrant creator economy.

🧑‍🎨🎨 An update into the next iteration of the internet - by Li Jin

Chief Metaverse Officers Are Getting Million-Dollar Paydays. So What Do They Do All Day?

The ideal metaverse chief can speak as fluently about AR and VR as she can about sales and marketing, according to Cathy Hackl, who helps companies set up their meta-business units and claims to be the “world’s first chief metaverse officer” — a title she bestowed upon herself. “They’re not easy to find, but there are people who straddle both of these worlds,” she said. Metaverse chiefs need to forge external partnerships and win over internal skeptics, adds Wendy Doulton, managing partner at Katalyst Group, a consumer tech recruitment firm.

🎭 Does this make sense? - by Matthew Boyle

🎧 Wearethecity Founder Vanessa Vallely OBE on following your intuition

We just spent those 4 years building up the community, a community of women that probably had the same frustrations as me, didn’t have anywhere else to go. We didn’t want to be an organisation that wrapped a lot of bureaucracy around joining, “here is an email address, that’s it”. And if you will want to click anytime, you can. So it was about building a community of women, we only started doing things when we asked for sponsorship, probably around 2015…

⏰ Greatness takes time - in Secrets of the Side Hustle

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