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Platform Digest 2022.45: More with Less

👋 A round-up of the latest and most remarkable stories at the intersection of ecosystem innovation and platform organisation.

Frugality Roars Back — Do More with Less

Put your “invention” game into action and double-down on finding immediate ROI opportunities to improve operational effectiveness, reduce the cost of goods sold, and to deliver more efficiently to today’s customers by making a better and more efficient product or service. The master constraint is “do more with less.” This is the heart of “frugality”. What’s the wrong reaction to this reality? Seeing a reaction that is “do less with less” is the wrong reaction. Always focus on the opportunity and see the opportunity to do more with less.

🚀 Opportunities generate growth - John Rossman

Creator Royalties

Here’s the bottom line for me. A critical part of the NFT innovation is the ability for creators to specify a royalty rate on their work and have it collected in the secondary marketplaces. This is every bit as important an innovation as on-chain art and everything else that comes from the NFT standard. Everyone in the NFT world; creators, marketplaces, collectors, market makers, etc, etc should insist that creator royalties remain a fundamental aspect of NFTs and do whatever is necessary to ensure that happens.

🌟 This is where platforms shine - in AVC

Youtube’s Primetime Channels bring streaming movies and TV into the Youtube App

The problem was Hollywood, which largely had no interest in YouTube’s idea — companies preferred to build their own destinations rather than let some other platform own the user experience. YouTube tried to partner with services, then tried to make its own content, then built a whole new cable-replacement service in YouTube TV. Now, with Primetime Channels, it appears to be getting what it always wanted. So what changed? In the last couple of years, as the streaming wars have gotten hotter and more competitive, services big and small have had to look for new ways to get subscribers.

⚖️ But it’s complicated, and how to balance content coming from the “experts” with the content coming from individual creators?

🎧 Why design matters more than ever

At a certain point you will realise that what you know is very little, it’s almost nothing, it’s dust in the universe. Sokrates told us already thousands of years ago “the wise man or woman is the person that knows of not knowing.” And this is the beauty of the real innovators, the real leaders - they are in love with the people they serve, the consumer, the customer. And their love somehow synthesises excellence of what you are trying to create for them. It’s the excellence you want to deliver to people that can create a better world and a better society.

🙇‍♀️ Excellence as a mindset - in Masters Of Scale

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