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Platform Digest 2022.50: The Endless Internet

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's most remarkable stories at the intersection of #ecosystem #innovation and #platform #organisation.

A native internet protocol for social media

The biggest mistake I made was continuing to invest in building tools for us to managethe public conversation, versus building tools for the people using Twitter to easily manage it for themselves. This burdened the company with too much power, and opened us to significant outside pressure (such as advertising budgets). I generally think companies have become far too powerful, and that became completely clear to me with our suspension of Trump’s account. As I’ve said before, we did the right thing for the public company business at the time, but the wrong thing for the internet and society.

🧑‍🎨 Designing For Service is The Mode of Creation - by Jack

Risky digital wallets help Argentines fight inflation

The adoption of digital wallets skyrocketed in Argentina, thanks to a combination of high inflation and the digitalization of many daily transactions during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the ubiquity of MercadoLibre in Argentina, Mercado Pago was well-positioned to lead the payment apps sector from the start. According to the October 2022 Central Bank report, half of the adult population uses digital payment products while the use of e-wallets has doubled in the past two years. The result has been that today, digital payments make up 50% of all financial transactions in Argentina.

🚀 People self-organising around a problem and by doing so speeding up the rate of technology adoption - by Lucía Cholakian Herrera

Endless Media

Depending on the rate of change wrought by AI, many artists may successfully shift into adjacent roles: the writer becomes an editor, the painter becomes an art designer. Those gifted at “worldbuilding” – creating the confines in which the AI plays – could also prosper temporarily. AI doesn’t seem to lose its appetite, though. It will likely absorb these tasks, too… One possibility is that as abundance becomes superabundance, we value human work more. Just as there is a market for handcrafted goods in the age of the machine, there may be a desire for human-made art, music, literature, and film despite AI’s efficiency and economy.

🤌 Curation is creation, hand-crafted is branded - in Generalist

🎧 Becoming A Citizen of The Internet

What is the fundamental script of school? “You will do well if you get good at doing things that you don’t want to do and be disciplined in doing those things.” The fundamental script of the pathless path is “You will do well if you find the things that are uniquely easy and enjoyable for you and get aligned with those things and then go follow that”. Those are such separate messages, and the school message has us trapped, because it creates a culture where a bunch of people are doing things that they don’t want to do…

🛤️ The internet has laid down the rails for the creator class to flourish. Plus, aesthetics matter, institutions struggling at providing a competitive user experience, and so much more...jam - in Pathless Path

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