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Platform Digest — 21.02

👋 On time for your weekend: a weekly round-up of stories at the intersection of #ecosystems, #platforms, #society and #business that stood out.

Being an Amazon Seller in 2020:

[T]he typical established Amazon seller has margins of around 15%. At that level of margin, moving your sales from Amazon to eBay would result in a 38% improvement in profits, which is huge. Shifting those sales from Amazon to one’s own website would represent a more than 3x increase in profits! Of course, if this were easy, we would have done it already. Unfortunately, getting traffic to one’s website is oftentimes a costly affair and it could be expected that a good portion of those profits would go to Facebook or Google.

👩‍🎓 Infrastructure is the moat—Molson Hart

Evolution of the Meal:

Vertically-integrated cloud kitchens, bundles, subsidies, schedules, and routing combine to drive the flywheel for Uber (or whoever else takes this strategy in the US or other countries – I could easily see Amazon leverage its massive Prime membership base, Whole Foods kitchens, and Amazon delivery service to offer a Prime Meal bundle) to generate a huge user base to densify their cloud kitchens. With one (or two) winners serving a given geographic location, the advantages of centralization, along with scheduling, could also greatly cut down on the number of drivers out on the street.

🤓 Is infrastructure eating the world?—NZS Capital

Ecosystem repositioning:

Where the architecture is especially rigid, for instance driven by regulation or a strong government customer, the ecosystem runs the risk of becoming stale. Due to the difficulty of incorporating change, the ecosystem’s ability to adopt productivity-improving innovations is so limited that, rather than individual players, the ecosystem as a whole may be disrupted.

😌 The sum is bigger than the parts—Jan Bosch, LinkedIn


Ron Kersic
Ron Kersic
Jan 18, 2021

The monetisation potential of Amazon's (ecommerce) infrastructure is quite staggering. The seller manages to cover Triangulation & Transfer (with a bit of help from Google/Facebook) but only Amazon gets to cover Trust as well (40% conversion rate versus 0.7%). The mind boggles...🤯 (esp. thinking what that could do for the evolution of The Meal).


Roger Pena
Roger Pena
Jan 16, 2021

The Amazon angle is pretty intriguing 🤔. Logistics of food delivery and package delivery?

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