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Platform Digest — 21.05

👋 On time for your weekend: a weekly round-up of stories at the intersection of #ecosystems, #platforms, #society and #business that stood out.

We studied 50+ startups on TikTok and here’s what we found:

For startups, TikTok can be a goldmine for growth. The app is designed with a level playing field that enables newcomers to quickly grow and go viral. Unlike more established social networks that reward users with already-accrued status, TikTok .. purposefully surfaces videos from even little-known accounts.

🕺We all get to perform in front of a live audience—Li Jin

The 1000 True Fans instruction manual:

There's no "secret formula" for creating true fans. Nor is there a "bulletproof blueprint" or any marketing crap like that. But that doesn't mean it's complex. True fandom boils down to a handful of simple ingredients. Combine them with love, and watch the magic unfold.

📒 There's a manual for that—Rob Hardy/Twitter

Unpacking 5 of Atlassian’s Most Unconventional Company-Building Moves:

It’s hard to trust a third party outside of your company with the core part of your business — which is finding, selling, converting and making customers successful …We had a really symbiotic relationship with the channel because we weren’t competing with them directly.

👷🏻‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️Our Work

Adriana’s introduction to platforms; short, simple and a bit playful—Youtube

This week's roundup of stories at the intersection of #technology, #business, #design and #organisation. Makes for a nice companion to this digest.

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