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Platforms 20.37 — A weekly digest

A short round-up of what we've seen this week on the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and thought was interesting.

“stickier than your average SaaS, more prone to network effects and less to leakage than your average marketplace, with higher revenue potential than the typical network”

☝️ Market Networks: Dissecting ‘The Business Model Of The Decade’. For your toolbox 🧰Link

“In a decade, Stripe has gone from accepting payments, which is now a commodity business, to providing an increasingly comprehensive suite of products that make it easy to start and run an online business.“

☝️ Stripe: The Internet's Most Undervalued Company. Textbook strategy 👨‍🏫 Link

“Why do many complex systems – cultures, environments, economies – seem stuck despite lots of effort to change them? And why, when change does come, it seems to cascade all at once?“

☝️ Attractor Landscapes: an interactive introduction. Building platforms is like moving hills 🚜 Link

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alex loth
alex loth

Concept of Market Networks brings it to the point, what business models of the future should or perhaps have to be

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