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Platforms 20.39 — A weekly digest

A short round-up of what we've seen or heard this week on the intersection of #platforms, #marketplaces and #business, and thought was interesting.

The Entertainment Value Curve: Why TikTok is On Fire 🔥 and Quibi Isn’t:

“..Social Value and Production Value are related. As creation participation rate increases, there is a larger inventory of content to rank and more social signals to use in the ranking .. Great entertainment products understand and optimize for this relationship

☝️ Optimizing the Social-Production relationship is key to any platform strategy 🤓 Link


‘Deep’ Job Platforms and How to Build Them:

These platforms not only connect candidates with employers, they also offer additional features designed to create long term success for the candidates, companies, and the platforms themselves. These features range from training to community to—in some cases—financial services

☝️ Unbundling and then rebundling. Essential platform game 💁‍♂️ Link


And taking about a platform game:

We participated in a workshop on civic innovation, using simple tiles (and some Playmobil 🤭) to get a grasp truly complex ecosystem Link

(do get in touch if your curious to explore this method a bit more)


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