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🎙️🎙️RECORDED SESSION 👉 #64 Platform thinking: Read the past, write the future

Last Thursday we had #TheNTWKTalks with Daniel Trabucchi and Tommaso Buganza, the authors of the book "Platform Thinking. Read the past. Write the future." that provides practical tools and a new perspective to foster innovation in startups, communities, and established firms. Sharing the main takeaways with you:

  • 08:49 📚The book "Platform Thinking. Read the past. Write the future" provides practical tools and a new perspective to foster innovation in startups, communities, and established firms.

    • Companies face challenges when implementing platform thinking, but it can be overcome with experience and understanding of different environments.

    • Startups embrace the platform approach due to lack of resources and competencies, but established firms can also benefit from it despite starting from a different point.

    • Recognize the value of your assets and find different customers to unlock their potential.

    • Platform thinking is not a new concept, but it will continue to evolve and present new challenges and opportunities in the next decade.

  • 21:24 📈 Platform thinking is important for managing disruptive technologies and trends related to platforms, including AI, and can be applied by individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to compete with larger established players.

    • Incumbent companies have more resources and knowledge, but innovation can disrupt industries and change the game.

    • Platform-based approach can allow companies to win on the market without major technological changes.

    • Platform thinking can offer small businesses a competitive edge by creating a better ecosystem than incumbents, making it a promising area for growth.

  • 27:42 🤔 Platforms can create and capture value in different ways, enabling even small and local firms to do it, rather than just focusing on the next unicorn like Airbnb.

    • Transformation and innovation within traditional firms is difficult but important, and sharing stories of success can inspire critical discussion.

    • The platform's impact depends on its usage and intention, similar to AI, and misuse by companies managing large amounts of data can lead to negative consequences.

    • Competition in the agriculture machinery market will provide more choices for consumers, allowing them to make the choice for the biggest value offered to them.

  • 44:24 🚀 Europe is a leader in platform software and has unique opportunities for innovation beyond regulation, with success stories in the luxury brand and yacht sharing markets.

    • Luxury brands with a low number of customers are exploring how to extract in-depth information from their customers in order to increase the value of existing ones.

    • Reconsider platforms as a way to reshape business models to increase market share, as demonstrated by the example of Sephora.

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