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Takeaways and Highlights of Digital Platforms and Ecosystems inside the Strategic Management Society

⏳Moderated by @Pinar Ozcan

Digital #Platforms and Patterns of Disruption Across Industries


@Will Page, formerly of @Spotify

💰 Taxes approach from @Apple (+) and for @Spotify (-)

🎬 Why do we pay for media (@Netflix, @HBO, …) and no pay for music? (@Spotify, @AppleMusic)

😫We are in a “Saturation point”

@Shahzad Ansari, @University of Cambridge

🙈 Trust issues with the news

✂️ @QUIBI shut down six months after launch

🎯 Make best for the customer


@Santosh Rao Danda, Policy Research at @Uber

@Simon Arbuthnot, Managing Director @Ricardo Strategic Consulting Europe

@Michael G. Jacobides @London Business School


@Hakan Ozalp, @Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

🙄 #Platforms used to have less presence in #regulated industries, like Healthcare, Education,...

@Pinar Ozcan, @University of Oxford

🔢 Data as a center of the offering

🔐 Access to your personal data with your consent for services as lending, savings, insurances,...

⏳ Moderated by @Annabelle Gawer

#DigitalPlatforms: Economic and Social Impact, and the Changing Regulatory Landscape

@Annabelle Gawer, @University of Surrey

🔥 Companies were acting as a regulator

1976 @IBM

1998 @Microsoft

2020 @Google

@Ari Ezrachi @University of Oxford

👥 How #platforms and #ecosystems work for us

🕰️The gap with the users

🤐 Ability to affect transparency

@Lisa Khan, @Columbia University

📐 Control channels for the commerce: fees, contractual, extracting data

👀 Surveil competitors

@Tommaso Valletti, @Imperial College London

🚀 Ask startups for possible remedies (open in an #ecosystem), not big investors.

😓 Anti Fragmentation

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Revenue sharing

💵 Nothing is free

😮 Realistic breakup in the toolbox

@Philip Marsden, @College of Europe Bruges

🏆 Best product wins, with freedom and fairness

✏️ Simplicity: choice of the customer

💻 Compliance with the rules automatically

⚡️ New institution tools

🌴 Rules flexible enough

@Richard Kramer, Managing Director & Founder @Arete Research

☀️ No crises for Big Tech

📈 Increase reliance on digital distribution /infrastructure platforms

🤓 Aggregating technical talent as an unprecedented scale

🌐 Regulatory efforts are highly fragmented

🤔 Real-Politic? Just break the Law, Out-gun Regulator, Compromise Everyone

🏛️Financial Markets Analogy as a promising model for regulating digital markets

@Cristina Cafarra, @Charles River Associates


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Jaume Ferré
Jaume Ferré
Oct 27, 2020

Seems to be the voices of the academic world

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