Takeaways and Highlights of "The Future of Digital Platforms Governance, Impact, Regulation"

Updated: Feb 22

18th November 2020

Lead by: @LaureClaire and @Benoit Reillier @Launchworks & Co. Sponsored by @Google

👠 INTRODUCTION by @LaureClaire Co-Founder and COO @Launchworks & Co, co-author "Platform Strategy"

- A 3rd of the global transaction will be through platforms @Mckinsey

- Practitioners: Founder, Investors, Corporates; Policymakers: regulators, competition; Academics: professors, researchers all are involved at the platform world

- #Platforms create and ecosystem, connect and transact

💼 PLATFORM IMPACT moderated by @Jennifer Schenker Founder and Editor-in-Chief @The Innovator

How #platforms have fared and adapted during covid, their increasing contribution to resilient ecosystems, and how they may contribute to a sustainable economic recovery.

🎩 @Joe Schorge, Founder and Managing Partner @Isomer Capital

- Travel & Tourism: the best result ever in January, worst in March

- Education, Healthcare, Home Care, Food: the winners one

- Journey for Traditional Business:

1.Understand what's going on: research, studies, trends

2.Engage: I have to sell through a platform? Be part of one?

3.Launching a platform for your business: that's hard!

🎓 Professor @Arun Sundararajan, Harold Price Professor of Entrepreneurship @NYU

- Acceleration of changes: Try something new, it was around but not used before

- Platform will dominate in post-pandemic travel @Airbnb 80% rapid rebound. Benefit long run, rebuild trust in the familiar, rebuilt in the experience

- Platforms have the know-how to build trust

-Traditional Companies with a brand, financial, and governance advantage, not to become a provider of a platform, and pay attention to the desire to move rapidly

💻 @Llibert Argerich, SVP Marketing @Udemy

- Shutdown accelerate 5 years into 1

- People need flexibility and turn to learning, online learning

- Connect with different people around the planet

- If you are going to become a part of a platform understand which value you will get from the platform

🏛️ PLATFORM REGULATION moderated by @Lewis Crofts, editor in Chief @Mlex

Like all businesses, platforms are subject to competition law as well as a range of regulatory obligations (including for example data privacy). Some policymakers are now arguing that platforms may require additional scrutiny. Challenges associated with the regulation of platforms and ecosystems.

🎓 Professor @Michael Jacobides, Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Strategy Professor @London Business School

-Big Tech dominance (and, a whiff of economic nationalism

- Traditional tools of regulation looking at old problems

- Lock-ins and dominance is more short-lived than rumored

It is hard to gainsay that power exists and current antitrust tools struggle: Mega-ecosystem creators want to envelop the final customer's every move

@Tom Smith, Director of Legal, UK's Competition & Markets Authority

- We need principle-based regulation

- Existing tools are too Slow

💡@Oliver Bethell, Head of Competition EMEA, Google

- Innovation must be not stopped by regulation

🌍 PLATFORM GOVERNANCE moderated by @Azeem Azhar Founder & CEO, @Exponential View

Unlike traditional businesses platforms orchestrate complex ecosystems and co-create value with their participants. The governance principles of platforms, the challenges associated with ecosystem management, and the importance of trust.

🚘 @Frederic Mazella, Founder, and President @BlaBlaCar and co-president @France Digitale

-Measure the level of trust

- Think it, Build it, Use it: become the most demanding customer

- Customer support and Product development must work very close

- +21% of trust comes from the Brand effect

- Rules must be very clear and simple. The community must be aware of them

😍 @RobChesnut Former Chief Ethics Officer @Airbnb, Author "Intentional Integrity"

- Start from the board, ensuring everybody is on the same page

- Integrity, talk about it.

- Curiosity and Humility

- Do what you measure, what good for the community, and recognize the compromise

🚲 @Sasha Michaud Co-founder & VP Public Affairs, @Glovo

- Be transparent

- Understand the margins, commissions, and how we can work together

- Strict regulation is not good for anyone, so autoregulate yourself

CONCLUSION by @Benoit Reillier Co-Founder and CEO, @Launchworks & Co co-author of "Platform Strategy"

🔝🔝🔝 Loved the Live Illustration of the event by @Louise Plantin

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