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Tech startup Artscapy receives £1M investment to launch digital platform

Through attracting sophisticated investors and financial partners, including Oberon Private Ventures, and scaling up the growth strategy, the company has doubled its projected value and is set to revolutionise the art market.

Artscapy is the platform for fine art collecting with a vision to usher in the digital transformation and democratisation of the art world. Built by collectors, for collectors, Artscapy provides a complete set of services to meet every collector's needs, based on the observations and problems the founders themselves faced in their decade-long collector journey so far. The platform is augmented with analytics and charting tools to provide collectors with insights into the value of their collection and its evolution over time. The software uses end-to-end encryption to safely store and track information, and the quality and authenticity of the art is underpinned by certificates of authenticity and provenance on blockchain.

This interesting article continues to explain the story behind Artscapy on their mission to make fine art collecting more accessible.

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