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The Platform Room: blockchain and platforms, enhancer or disrupter?

We tend to talk about platforms as innovative models…but are they still an #innovation? We read more and more news about the possible impacts of #blockchain on our daily life…have you ever wondered about its impact on the world of #platforms?

Today we talk about this in #ThePlatformRoom, the space where, in a few minutes, Tommaso Buganza and I present you one of our articles about the world of #platforms and #innovation!

This episode is based on the article paper "Disrupting the Disruptors or Enhancing Them? How Blockchain Re‐Shapes Two‐Sided Platforms" published in the JPIM Journal of Product Innovation Management in 2020. The paper is co-authored by Daniel Trabucchi, Antonella Moretto, Tommaso Buganza and Alan MacCormack.

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