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✨ TheNTWK Quote ✨ by Jake Jenner

Yesterday, as every Thursday took place TheNTWKTalk of the week: “Building Howbout, the social planning app”, by Jake Jenner, CFO & Co-Founder of Howbout, the social planning app that makes organizing anything with friends easy, in conversation with Beatriz Soca Herrera, a core member of TheNTWK, and of course, you NTWKers!

🤓 On this special occasion we learned about the new trends emerging in social apps, what users are looking for, and how to leverage this. Some of the main Takeaways:

✅ Network effects are still very poorly understood: it means that with every additional person that joins your network, the value for the people in the network increases

✅ Traction is really important: is not just the app being downloaded, but is to see that the metrics are sticking around. Try the engagement to work first, and then the investors will see it's working

✅ Crowdfunding is not easy, you have to have a whole plan, it's a marketing campaign, and you have to keep up the energy

✅ Social utility, disruption, and dark social apps will continue to rise; and offer people actual value

✅ If you surround yourself with people that have been there and done that, they are going to help you succeed

“A social network is something that allows people to connect, socialize and communicate. The social utility that used to be provided by the big social networks like Facebook and Instagram is being challenged by new apps that focus on bringing that underlying utility back to closed and private communities”

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