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✨ TheNTWK Quote ✨ by Sameer Singh

Yesterday, as every Thursday, took place TheNTWKTalk of the week: “Dark Social”, by Sameer Singh, Network Effects Advisor & Investor, part of the Atomico Angel Program, in conversation with our CEO and Co-Founder, Marina Planas and of course, you NTWKers!

Want to review the talk? Couldn't you attend? No worries and have access to our Learning Pills 💊 Request access:

💡Stay tuned to our calendar and participate in our TheNTWKTalks: every Thursday, Marina Planas talks with a guest in the field of Digital Business Models, who shares their knowledge and expertise with the community.

Become a NTWKer 🙌 and belong to the leading community on (platform) digital thinking


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