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Circular Logistics &
Platform Strategy

This course will provide business leaders with key insights and skills to build and grow in a world that is becoming more networked and more circular.

Full-day In-Person Masterclass

May 30th, 2024

Norrsken, Barcelona

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Participants profile:

The Course Program

Module 1: The Circular Imperative

  • Drivers of the circular economy transition (consumer, regulatory, resource constraints)

  • Linear risks across supply chain, operations, products

  • The world-wide rise of circular marketplaces

  • Intersection of circular logistics and platform strategy

Module 2: Mastering Reverse Logistics

  • Fundamentals of reverse supply chain management

  • Mapping existing reverse logistics processes and pain points

  • Technologies enabling efficient product returns and recovery (IoT, RFID, etc.)

  • Building reverse logistics network design and capabilities

  • Closed-loop supply chain integration and system requirements

  • Overcoming challenges in incentives, metrics and organizational barriers

Module 3: Thriving in Circular Marketplaces

  • Landscape of emerging circularity platforms and digital marketplaces

  • Platform business models and value creation strategies

  • Supply/demand matching and transaction fulfillment requirements

  • Data standards, system integrations and technology enablers

  • Managing quality control and certification of recovered assets

  • Pricing strategies, revenue models and profit equation for circular markets

Module 4 Executing the Transformation

  • Building a circular logistics and marketplace playbook

    Adopting circular business models (product-as-a-service, performance-based etc.)

  • Rethinking metrics, incentives and organizational structures

  • Acquiring the right talent and building circular capabilities

  • Change management approaches for circular culture shift

  • Future trends: customers, regulators and competitors

Certificate of Completion

All participants who successfully complete the Circular Logistics & Platform Strategy Masterclass.  In order to obtain the certificate, participants must complete the full course.

Key Details:

Event Type



May 30, 2024


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Full Day


Norrsken House, Barcelona


€749 + VAT/Fees
(includes TheNTWKSummit ticket)

Key Takeaways & Instructors

The course workshop covers strategic frameworks and implementation expertise required to drive circular economy initiatives from the top. It discusses leadership topics like talent requirements, organizational shifts, revamping product design, and incentivizing new circular business models. The principal learning objectives for the course include the following concepts:

  • Understand the fundamentals of reverse logistics and circular platforms

  • Provide clear insights into how a reverse logistics program be traditional business models and operations

  • Frameworks for identifying and prioritizing recommerce opportunities

  • Strategies for overcoming organizational barriers and leading circular transformation

  • Exposure to real-world case studies demonstrating circular best practices

  • A tailored action plan with next steps for their specific organization and context

  • Connections with peers facing similar challenges to drive collaboration

Peter C. Evans, PhD.png

Dr. Peter C. Evans

Chief Strategy Officer

mcfadyen logo.jpeg
Rich Bulguer.png

Rich Bulger

CEO & Author of Going Circular


Ticket Pricing

Bundle: Masterclass & TheNTWKSummit Ticket

This bundle includes:

May 30 - 1-Day Masterclass | Circular Economy Masterclass by Dr. Peter C. Evans & Rich Bulger
May 28 & 29 - Access to TheNTWKSummit24, including breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks
May 28 - Networking Tapas & Party
After the Summit: Report & Recordings

/ one-time-payment

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