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AI Revolutionizing the Global Hunger Fight: Insights by Hezha MohammedKhan from The Zero Hunger Lab

During last week's #TheNTWKTalks, we had a discussion with Hezha MohammedKhan from The Zero Hunger Lab at Tilburg University. They are utilizing AI and data science to combat global hunger by developing an algorithm capable of identifying childhood malnutrition through photographs. Here are the key points we took away from the conversation:

  • The Zero Hunger Lab collaborates with the German NGO Welthungerhilfe to create an algorithm for their Child Growth Monitor app. This app utilizes AI technology to assess child malnourishment, provide accurate estimations, and facilitate the efficient distribution of food supplies, ultimately saving lives.

  • In order to overcome obstacles in the fight against global hunger, the development of a one-click solution accessible through mobile phones can streamline and simplify the process, particularly in remote areas where healthcare workers are scarce.

  • The integration of AI tools can make a significant impact in the battle against global hunger. The Zero Hunger Lab is open to opportunities for partnership and collaboration that can generate humanitarian benefits in both the healthcare and AI industries.

Download a copy of NewScientist's special report about the Zero Hunger Lab and discover all the insights and watch the complete video in our community.


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