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Discover the Latest Digital Business Trends in #TheNTWKSummit23Report

#TheNTWKSummit23Report was curated based on the sessions from #TheNTWKSummit, Europe’s Top Summit for Digital Business Models, an annual event that brings together experts from the digital business landscape in the sunny city of Barcelona to collaborate, exchange knowledge, share ideas, and discover new business opportunities!

On behalf of Marina Planas, Co-Chair and CEO of TheNTWK, and the entire team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the NTWKers, speakers, and guests who made this event truly extraordinary. Your expertise and contributions have left a lasting impact on our community and have inspired us all to strive for greater heights in digital business. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the Summit and its impact.

Reflecting on the Summit’s Purpose

#TheNTWKSummit23 aimed to explore the transformation from physical to digital experiences, addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with this shift. Throughout the Summit, we engaged in thought- provoking discussions, knowledge sharing, and interactive sessions that fostered innovation and growth within our community while advancing knowledge of cutting-edge digital business practices.

Highlights and Achievements

This year’s Summit was a resounding success, exceeding our expectations in every way. We witnessed remarkable moments of collaboration, meaningful connections, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. Attendees actively participated, posed insightful questions, and embraced the opportunity to learn and grow. The diverse perspectives shared during the Summit have further fueled our mission to advance digital business models and innovation in Europe and beyond.

The Power of Community

At its core, #TheNTWKSummit23 was a testament to the power of our community. Together, we fostered an environment of inclusivity, support, and inspiration. We celebrated our shared achievements and collectively aimed to shape the future of digital experiences. The connections made during the summit will continue to strengthen and evolve, driving us forward on our respective journeys.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on these many successes, we are inspired to continue our mission of advancing digital business practices, both locally and globally. We remain committed to providing our membership with a one-stop shop for digital business innovators working at the intersection of emerging technologies, with opportunities to learn about the latest digital business trends, upskill and reskill, connect and interact, and grow the practical knowledge that drives digital business to new heights.


In conclusion, we are delighted to share this Report which commemorates and celebrates the resounding success of #TheNTWKSummit23: From Physical to Digital Experiences. Download #TheNTWKSummit23Report and gain insights from 350+ digital business innovators from 21 countries who gathered in Barcelona to explore the latest trends in #platforms, #ecosystems, #marketplaces, #metaverse, #NFTs, #sustainability, #AI.

We invite you to join our community and continue in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community as we embark on the next chapter of our digital business journey. Together, we will shape the future and continue to drive positive change in the digital landscape in Europe and beyond.


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