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The 2023 European Digital Trends Report

Europe has a unique environment for digital platforms and ecosystems, bringing great opportunities to succeed as well as distinct challenges to overcome in launching and scaling digital platforms and ecosystem businesses.

Our objective with this Report is to highlight a set of digital innovation trends that will impact European digital businesses in 2023.

Key Predictions in 2023:
  • Digital Ecosystems will make it into mainstream strategy discussions.

  • Platform-based Business Models will continue to grow faster than traditional pipeline businesses.

  • Web3 will still be figuring out a viable value proposition.

  • Metaverse will be one of the emerging places to do business.

  • Brand Experience will be increasingly phygital and omnichannel.

  • Sustainability will increasingly drive business strategy.

Please download the full Report if you haven't already done it.


Last Thursday, we met at #TheNTWKInteracts where Bety Soca, Peter C. Evans, Anna Noakes Schulze, Hamidreza Hosseini, Catherine Schoendorff, Marta Agrech, Milja van 't Noordende, and Marina Planas presented the 2023 European Digital Trends Report. We thank all #NTWKers for your participation and valuable insights.

We're sharing with you the main takeaways and timecode from #TheNTWKInteracts:

  • 00:00 🤔 Europe is lagging in the tech industry, with only 2% of the world's tech startups, and regulations and investments are not helping close the gap.

  • 11:27 🤝 Big brands are experimenting with the Metaverse and blockchain-based NFTs to create new ways of showcasing products, services, and engaging tactics.

  • 16:09💡 Brands should assess if the metaverse is right for them, consider if they can engage authentically with their customers, and use ecosystems as a strategic asset to combine core and platform businesses.

  • 24:22 🌎 80% of companies are doing ESG, 15% are starting to, and 5% are living a net zero, purpose-driven, circular, and sustainable way to reduce environmental impact.

  • 31:45 💡 Investing in long-term topics such as brand experience, customer experience, platforms, ecosystems, and partnerships, while also changing our mindset on how we travel, consume, and live, can help us gain a competitive edge and promote sustainability.

  • 47:08 🌍 Collaborating across companies and borders to create a platform approach to sustainability is key to progress and increasing value for everyone.

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