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Exploring the Metaverse: Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins for Problem Solving and Collaboration

During last Thursday's #TheNTWKTalks, Luca Lupattelli, Digital Project Manager at Hexagon Geosystems, highlighted the importance of considering different points of view regarding the Metaverse and the use of digital twins in space. He emphasized that we must remember that the Metaverse represents something new, requiring extensive development and experimentation.

  • The technology of creating exact replicas of real-world objects in the metaverse can be a problem-solving tool for various industries, and it is important for people and companies to understand its potential and use it to solve previously unsolvable problems.

  • The metaverse offers immersive and connected experiences, allowing for collaboration, social interaction, and virtual simulations that can revolutionize industries like manufacturing and automotive, saving time, money, and promoting sustainability.

  • Learning in an immersive environment is four times more effective and allows for remote training, saving costs and increasing confidence in applying learned skills.


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