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Newsletter 143: Brian Chesky's Airbnb Insights, Corporate Sustainability, and Open Ecosystems

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A Conversation with Brian Chesky, Airbnb Founder &CEO

NTWKer Daniel Trabucchi shares this podcast episode of CEO Insights featuring Brian Chesky of Airbnb.

In this first episode, Richi Haupt talks with Brian Chesky, Airbnb founder & CEO, about how the company came to be, how we are going to work in the future, what it's like to found a company, loneliness, and the role Airbnb could play in addressing some of the travel industry's most pressing issues.

A must for platform thinkers!


The Future is an Open Ecosystem

NTWKer Mark Boyd is launching a newsletter about open ecosystems on Substack:

"It is a fairly bold statement to title this newsletter as such when it appears the opposite is currently happening. Let's look at two examples: the Internet and Twitter.

The Internet is probably the best example of an open ecosystem. At Platformable, we describe an open ecosystem as: “A network of equitable participation opportunities that allow stakeholders (including governments and regulators, associations, industry enterprises, small and medium enterprises, researchers, community groups and individuals) to co-create, collaborate, complement, coordinate, and/or compete with each other by using shared infrastructures common tools (like open standards, open data models, APIs, and open source technologies).”


The Burden of Proof for Corporate Sustainability Is Too High

Great read shared by Bob Gravestijn on how sustainability should not be opposed to profit:

"In a profit-driven world, sustainability often takes a back seat. But is it fair to blame it? 🤔

Challenge your perception of sustainability in the business realm through this article. It sheds light on the inconsistency in how companies are judged and exposes the unfair blame placed on sustainability.

Here's the fascinating part: sustainability can revolutionize businesses! It cuts costs, mitigates risk, fuels innovation, and drives revenue growth.

Let go of skepticism and adopt a new perspective. It's time to make sustainability the norm and seamlessly integrate it into business operations. Recognise its true value and potential to build brand equity and secure a thriving future for society and the planet."


Case Study: How 3 Startups Built Their Customer Discovery Practice

Anna Noakes Schulze shared a great article from Jeff Gothelf. The author of 𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗨𝗫 shares why talking to customers is everyone's job, and how it becomes a game-changing habit to make your top priority.

"The closest thing we have to a magic wand to drive the success of our startups is talking to customers." - Jeff Gothelf


Gardening Platforms and the Future of Open Ecosystems with Alex Komoroske

Easily the best thing you'll hear all day! Here's a short clip of Alex Komoroske talking about developing a gardening mindset for platforms and ecosystems.

You can check out the full episode #84 Gardening Platforms and the Future of Open Ecosystems with Alex Komoroskeon on the Boundaryless Conversations Podcast by Simone Cicero.


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