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Newsletter 153: Artificial Intelligence Act, EU's Platform Economy, Google’s New Generative AI Model

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The EU's Platform Economy

The EU's platform economy is growing quickly. From an estimated €3 billion in 2016, it has reached €14 billion in revenues in 2020.

More than 500 digital labor platforms are now operating in the EU, facilitating access to services for customers and creating opportunities for businesses and people.

Although most of the platforms operating in the EU were created in Europe, they compete with international platforms, based mainly in North America.


Artificial Intelligence Act: Deal on Comprehensive Rules for Trustworthy AI

Hot off the presses: on Friday, the EU parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Artificial Integgigence Act.

This regulation aims to ensure that fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability are protected from high risk AI, while boosting innovation and making Europe a leader in the field. The rules establish obligations for AI based on its potential risks and level of impact.


Effective Networking Is About Giving, Not Just Taking

💡"No matter how capable and independent we may be, much of our ability to do anything in this world depends upon others." 👀

NTWKers can find plenty to love in this networking article from INSEAD. We all need each other, and our personal and professional development depends on having happy and productive connections, so don't be shy! Some definite DOs:

1. Think of how you can give value to others (not just take)

2. Cultivate a diverse network (people from different backgrounds and expertise)

3. Build relationships and not just contacts (show a little 💛)


Everything You Need to Know About Gemini, Google’s New Generative AI Model

Have you heard about Gemini? Check out this article:

"Google just released Gemini, its new generative AI model. The tech giant, referring to Gemini as the most capable and general-purpose AI it has developed so far, plans to expand the advanced version of this large language model (LLM) next year. The LLM is multimodal, meaning it can understand different types of information, including text, audio, images, and video.” 

Find out the videos to check how it works.


Linear vs Circular Marketplaces

Immanuela Badde, Associate Economic Affairs Officer at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, shared on her LinkedIn:

"This week, we at the UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network (ETIN), together with colleagues from UNCTAD, conducted an informative brownbag session on the potential of circular platforms for economic and sustainable transformation. Here are some of the main takeaways: 

💡We need innovative solutions and business models to drive sustainable transformations, especially given the growing concerns about resource and material constraints. 

💡Digital platforms show interesting potential in accelerating the large-scale transition from linear to circular economy, creating collaborative opportunities across sectors. 

💡Circular platforms can help match supply and demand in support of recycling waste (e.g., using agricultural residues for textile production), improving processes (e.g., in waste segregation), and adding value to current waste outputs. 

💡There is a niche for software development to support the creation, extension and scale-up of circular platforms and marketplaces. 

Find out some interesting questions that arose from the discussion.


Download the Web Summit 2023 Magazine

Web Summit 2023 has compiled a magazine to show some unforgettable moments .

"With more startups than ever before, and a larger percentage of women attendees than in previous years, Web Summit’s flagship event has once again captured the imagination of thousands of people from every aspectof tech.

Startups, investors, industry experts and tech enthusiasts gathered to network, share ideas and learn during a week of exciting talks."

Also, find out TheNTWK's takeaways we've published right after the Summit.


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