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TheNTWK Featured Member: Peter C. Evans

This week we’d like to introduce you to our latest featured member, Peter C. Evans.

Peter is Chief Strategy Officer at McFadyen Digital, Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute and Co-Chair of MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He is a well-known thought leader in the global platform community with an impressive track record of detecting early market signals. Nearly a decade ago, he was the first to lead a global survey of platform companies that was published in a series of influential reports, including “The Rise of the Platform Enterprise.”

More recently, Peter has focused on new megatrends shaping the future of the global platform economy. Earlier this year, analysis with his strategy team at McFadyen Digital identified a new megatrend in circular platforms, which are emerging from the intersection of the circular economy with the platform economy. He has described this megatrend and its implications in a series of articles, podcasts and conference presentations. Peter’s insights include the types of circular platforms that can be found in the market, the scale of circular platforms as a share of the overall circular economy, and investment flows that support the creation of new circular platforms.

Peter has been a stalwart supporter of TheNTWK community from the very beginning.

  • He has been a regular guest speaker on TheNTWKTalks delivering some of our most popular and insightful sessions.

  • He has worked tirelessly to shape the platform agenda in Europe, encourage us to take up the “16x challenge” and grow Europe’s share of the global digital economy.

  • As a two-time keynote speaker and co-chair of TheNTWKSummit, Peter was instrumental in the successful launch of our annual flagship event.

  • This year, Peter became TheNTWK Ambassador for the United States and partnered with TheNTWK at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit.

Find out Peter's articles: 'How to scale the circular economy', 'Circular Platforms: Unlocking Sustainability And Material Security' for Forbes, and 'Platforms could power the circular economy' for MIT Management Sloan School; the podcasts and recordings from the conferences in our community.

Peter, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for TheNTWK community!


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