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Thoughtforms 20.34 — A weekly digest

A short round-up of what we've seen this week on the intersection of #business, #technology, #platforms and #marketplaces, and thought was interesting.

In some cases, companies get so involved in the transaction that buyers and sellers no longer interact with each other. Instead, the company takes on the role of the supply side itself to control the customer experience .. Network effects no longer exist. In other words, they no longer exhibit the defining feature of a marketplace .. They are better described as marketplaces in name only (MINOs)

☝️When is a Marketplace No Longer a Marketplace? The network effect between supply and demand is the defining feature of a #marketplace — sacrificing this in the pursuit of better customer #experience can create unexpected trade-offs ⛔️. Link

Interactive e-commerce is a model that humanizes the online shopping experience. It is an approach that takes the enjoyable, social, and psychological experience of shopping in the physical world, and applies it to the digital age.

☝️Defining interactive e-commerce. Easy to dismiss as yet another huge #Chinese #e-commerce company that you haven't heard of. It's a bit more interesting than that 🧐. Link

Successful long-lived open systems owe their success to building decades-long micro-communities around extensions/plugins, also known as a marketplace.

☝️Dear Google Cloud:Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You. Steve Yegge has a bit of form as far as org #culture rants go. The hard stuff is the mundane stuff 😴. Link


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