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Thoughtforms 20.36 — A weekly digest

A short round-up of what we've seen this week on the intersection of #business, #technology, #platforms and #marketplaces, and thought was interesting.

This week's theme is New Creations.

“[creators are] building off a new wave of technology platforms that have democratized access to capabilities across the entire media product lifecycle for this new breed”

☝️ New media platforms are enabling a new creator type: Digitally Native Vertical Creators. Entering a platform-enabled New Golden Age of Media. 🎬 Read

“One of the fundamental questions of incentive alignment that emerging companies must ask themselves is whether their primary relationship to their customers' growth is passive (“Enablers”) or active (“Growers”)”

☝️ Enablers vs. Growers. That's a most succinct platform playbook: pick either one of these relationships for the platform to be build out on, and don't blurry that line. 🚸 Read

“They’re gaming the system in a way that makes it harder for Amazon to figure it out. They’re just a step ahead of Amazon’s algorithm and its developers”

☝️ Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work. Easy enough to see this as yet another Tale of Dystopia, but isn't gaming the ultimate enabling? 🧐 Read


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