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Tribute to our NTWKer @Haydn SHAUGHNESSY

@Haydn, an outstanding out of the box thinker, a brilliant mind always going beyond the main stream thinking.

The first day we explained to Haydn The Network, he was extremely supportive and challenging to us. We had an online meeting with him, a year ago 26th May 2020, to get feedback and these were the answers:

"What do you like the most of TheNTWK?

- To be part of a place where the experts are differentiated by their skills, can position themselves from peers in their area of expertise.

- To answer questions to the NTWKers

- To participate in webinar and video matches with other experts to create content

What do you miss on TheNTWK?

- You should broader the problem into digital transformation not just platform business creation"

@Haydn wanted to share his work with all of us, publishing a total of 12 articles (news and old ones). My favorite one? most likely The Platform Fallacy, which was published after one of the different discussions we hold about platforms, at that time discussing if 9 of the 10 most valuable companies were really platforms.

Other articles are also unpayable, full of brilliant and enlightening thoughts, you can find them below:

While preparing the online course "Lighthouse Thinking: Creating a Strong Business Context for Your Platform Project" that unfortunately will not see the light, we make him a mid-February interview. We will think about the best way to share in the coming weeks, but to those who didn't know Haydn, we don't find a better way to explain with his own words.

We all will miss your brave, challenging, and inspiring thoughts, modern iconoclast soul! As a matter of example, who hasn't heard from him: "Platform scale does not come from network effects", "but Network Effects exists?"

Our most sincere condolences to his family and friends

Rest In Peace, 28th May 2021

The Network


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