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TheNTWKCommunity RECAP 2021

We would like to share our RECAP2021 with you, at TheNTWK we are very satisfied with what we accomplished:

And the TOP 3 in each category mentioned in the 2021Recap video based on the feedback and data collected by TheNTWK are:

  • Top 3 NTWKer contributors

  1. Adriana Lakatosova

  2. Anna Noakes Schulze

  3. Ron Kersic

  • Top 3 Countries

  1. Spain

  2. US

  3. Germany

  • Top 3 Events

  1. "MIT Platform Strategy Institute" co-chairs P.Evans, G. Parker, and M. Alstyne

  2. "The Marketplace Conference" by Battery and Speedinvest

  3. "The Future of Digital Platforms" co-chairs Laure Claire Reillier & Benoit Reillier

  • Top 3 Webinars

  • Top 3 TheNTWKTalks

  • Top 3 TheNTWKInteracts (coming soon the Takeaways)

  1. "How to convince incumbents on platform economy"

  2. "Building an Ecosystem"

  3. "Banking as a Service"

  • Top 3 Courses

  1. Unleash the Power of Network Effects by Sameer Singh (Breadcrumb. VC)

  2. How to build a Networked Business Model by Max Gutsche (TheNTWK)

  3. The Online Platform Design Certification Bootcamp by Simone Cicero (Boundaryless)

  • Top 3 Articles

Become a NTWKer and belong to the leading community on Platform thinking. NTWKers, help us to have more data and feedback on 2022. Please leave feedback for all the events, webinars, talks, courses you are attending!

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Enjoy your holidays!


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